April 2021 — Jewelry Innovations
Introducing our Hidden Gold Collection

Introducing our Hidden Gold Collection

Jewelry Innovations is pleased to announce the Hidden Gold Collection of Serinium® rings inset with solid 10k gold interior.  Unlike plated rings, these bands are inlaid with solid yellow or rose gold sheets for beauty and durability and are available in multiple shapes and widths including our full range of our unique laser engraved designs.

For Centuries, legendary Viking warriors ranged throughout Europe. Behind them they left buried hoards of hidden gold jewelry and artifacts, engraved with their iconic, intricately woven designs. The Viking Hidden Gold ring is tribute to this rich history. Engraved with a classic Norse pattern and inlaid with an interior of 10k gold, this band boldly shows its heritage while keeping its riches under wraps.

In addition to this Serinium® Viking ring, you may select any finish from a laser design to a classic satin or stone for your favorite Black Diamond Ceramic™ or Rugged Tungsten™ collection. Choose a 6mm or 8mm width band from any of these contemporary metals along with the 10k yellow or rose interior to create your special band.


This collection of Hidden Gold rings offers you a nice way to match your fiancé’s ring with a modern hint of rose or yellow gold. Why not add a touch of gold to your favorite Serinium®, Black Diamond Ceramic™ or Rugged Tungsten™ wedding band?

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