Titanium Domed Band with Mokume Gane Inlay — Jewelry Innovations

Titanium Domed Band with Mokume Gane Inlay



Ring Width: 6mm
Inlay Width: 3mm
Finger Size: 2–20
Ring Metal: Aerospace Titanium
Inlay Material: 14K White Palladium & Sterling Silver

Finishes: Satin


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Mokume Gane is the ancient Japanese metalworking art developed in feudal Japan by master swordsmiths. This is a very technically difficult and time consuming process. The process begins by stacking layers of different colored metals and heating them to 1400 degrees, under extreme pressure, for 10 hours. This allows the atoms from the gold and other metals to fuse together, forming distinctive patterns. The metal is then forged and rolled to set the crystal structure. Finally the gold and other metals are manipulated by twisting and curving to expose the multiple layers, thereby forming unique ring patterns.