Black Ceramic Pipe Cut Band with Rainbow Inlay — Jewelry Innovations

Black Ceramic Pipe Cut Band with Rainbow Inlay



Ring Width: 8mm

Inlay Width: 5mm

Finger Size: 5–13.5

Ring Material: Black Ceramic

Finishes: Polish



Love is Love. Show your support for your LGBT loved ones with this Black Diamond Ceramic™ Rainbow band. Black Diamond Ceramic™ inlay rings are custom made to order. First, we precision grind a 5mm wide groove with a diamond wheel. Once the groove has been cut, we then carefully insert the inlay and then apply our proprietary coating to ensure the inlay is protected from the elements. The coating is then polished with high-speed buffing wheels to attain a highly polished finish. Sizes are available from 5 to 13.5 in full and half sizes.

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