Serinium® Domed Band with Pink Enamel Inlay

Serinium® Domed Band with Pink Enamel Inlay



Ring Width: 6mm

Inlay Width: 1mm

Finger Size: 5–16

Ring Metal: Serinium®

Inlay Material: Enamel

Finishes: Polish



Serinium® Domed Band with Pink Enamel Inlay

This Serinium® domed band with pink enamel inlay is a perfect choice for the man who is looking to show his support for a breast cancer patient in his life.

Why Serinium?

Serinium® is the most beautiful of all contemporary metals, with the brilliant white color of white gold. Forged at extreme temperatures and pressures, this high-tech material is ultra-hard and hypoallergenic, and will never tarnish, oxidize or change color. Serinium® is also the safest of jewelry metals, and can be quickly and safely removed in an emergency with commonly available tools, such as a standard ring cracker or even a pair of vice-grip pliers.

Today, Serinium® is the fastest growing contemporary jewelry metal. Available in a wide range of ring designs, from bold men’s styles to the most elegant wedding and engagement bands, there is a perfect Serinium® ring for everyone.


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