6 Beyond-Personal Ways to Commemorate Your Wedding

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6 Beyond-Personal Ways to Commemorate Your Wedding

What do you get when you combine science and sentiment? These beautiful, truly unique ideas to remember your wedding day.

What if you could actually see that spike in your heart rate when you say “I do”? Or visualize the sound waves that capture the tremor in his voice when he says it back? These aren’t just fantasies. More and more companies are combining art and technology in ways that transform your most intimate details—literally, down to your DNA!—into pieces you and your new spouse can treasure every day. Below, a few of our favorites.

Double DNA Maps

heartbeat voice
Few things are more unique than your DNA, and this company maps that one-of-a-kind pattern and turns it into what looks like modern art (only you two need to know what it really is!). Choose your favorite color scheme and order the package deal to have images of both your sequences mounted together.

Heartbeat Rings

The Knot 6 Personal Ways to Commemorate Your Wedding
There’s no more potent symbol of love than a heart, which makes these enduring EKG-engraved wedding bands the ultimate in sentimental customization. Whether you use your resting heartbeats—or wear a fitness tracker to capture the moment you see each other as you’re walking down the aisle—you can have each of your EKGs engraved onto your wedding rings. Made of a new, contemporary metal called Serinium, these brilliant white bands are ultra-durable, hypoallergenic and won’t ever tarnish (just like your love).

Serinium beveled-edge band with heartbeat engraving (fingerprint engraving also available).

Fingerprint Guest Book

fingerprint tree

This custom-illustrated tree is already a treasure—and once your wedding guests press their thumbprints onto the cover of the book on your big day, it’s all the more precious. It’s a fun, interactive way to capture the spirit of each person who made your wedding so special.

Sentimental Sound Waves

sound waves

Whether your vows come out as a squeak, a whisper or a full-throated “I do!,” this ingenious artwork interprets recordings of your words—right at the fateful moment—in bold black and white for a beautiful, graphic way to bring tears to your eyes.

Taline Levonian personalized anniversary sound wave print.

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