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Barrel Aged Collection

We are proud to introduce the Barrel Aged wedding rings and wedding bands from Jewelry Innovations, featuring solid wood inlays from authentic whiskey, wine and cognac barrels. Hand crafted by our skilled jewelers, these beautiful wedding bands can be customized to the needs of your clientele, and can even be inlaid with barrel wood from specific brands of whiskey upon request.

Here are some fun facts you may not have known about barrel aging

The process of oak barrel aging began with Celts. In the beginning, barrels were used because they were better suited for transportation on ships than clay pots. Due to the durability and their round shape allows workers to roll the container easily. It started to occur to people that the wood barrel changed the flavor, aroma, and finishes of the spirits for the better.

A master barrel maker is called a cooper. If you know anyone with that last name, chances are they have a relative who was a brewer, distiller, or winemaker.

Oak barrels are charred on the inside

The char helps maximize the effect that the wood has on the contents of the barrel.

Artificial vanilla is what makes your wine or whiskey taste so good

Phenolic aldehyde, aka vanillin, is an organic compound that naturally occurs in a wide variety of substances. Due to the vanilla taste and smell like vanilla this is how the vanilla extract was created.

There is an order for using and reusing oak barrels

  • Bourbon legally has to be aged in a charred new oak barrels
  • Whiskey is aged in used bourbon barrels
  • Scotch is aged in used whiskey barrels
  • Rum is aged in used Scotch barrels
  • Variations on this system are what produces different and unique flavors. For instance, many whiskey distilleries like to use barrels from dessert wines such as Port or Sherry

Our Barrel Aged collection is available in Serinium – The Precious Contemporary Metal, Rugged Tungsten and Black Diamond Ceramic

Serinium Whiskey Barrel Ring

Serinium® Pipe Cut Band with Whiskey Barrel Inlay and Notched Finish $615.00 RMSA006579

Serinium Whiskey Barrel Ring

Serinium® Beveled Edge Band with Wine Barrel Inlay and Grain Finish $615.00 RMSA006578

Serinium Whiskey Barrel Ring

Serinium® Pipe Cut Band with Whiskey Barrel Inlay and Bark Finish $615.00 RMSA006577

Serinium Whiskey Barrel Ring

Serinium® Pipe Cut Band with Wine Barrel Inlay and Stone Finish $615.00 RMSA006576

Serinium Whiskey Barrel Ring Serinium Whiskey Barrel Ring

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