Healthcare Workers Commemorative Collection — Jewelry Innovations

To honor our healthcare workers who have stood on the front lines in this time of need, Jewelry Innovations has created a new collection of bands featuring traditional symbols of the medical profession. Available in Serinium®, Black Diamond Ceramic™ and Rugged Tungsten™, the collection includes a variety of styles including white enamel inlaid bands and laser engraved bands with the initials of each of the medical branches, or custom initials upon request.

To our nation’s front liners, we thank you!  As many of us have the privilege to self-quarantine and isolate and try to stay healthy. We want to honor and say thank you; we appreciate you.

There is no limit to where gratitude is being expressed. Retail Jewelers across the world are offering their services to provide sentimental jewelry for those who are working on the front lines. Essential health care workers remain in the line of fire as they attempt to heal the sick and control the spread of the disease.  Respect from the public is immeasurable and has so many of us trying to find ways to express our appreciation for our front-line workers.

We Thank You; We Appreciate You!

Stay Well, Stay safe.

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