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About Serinium®

Serinium® is a patented high tech alloy of cobalt and a number of other elements, whose unique formula and proprietary manufacturing process make it harder, stronger and safer than other jewelry metals. Serinium® is the safest of the precious contemporary jewelry metals, and can be quickly and safely removed in an emergency with commonly available tools, such as a standard ring cracker or even a pair of vice-grip pliers.

  • Serinium® is the next generation jewelry metal that moves beyond gold and platinum to new heights of beauty, durability and sustainability.
  • Serinium® is ultra-hard and will last a lifetime. Its brilliant silver-white color will never tarnish, oxidize or yellow.
  • Serinium® wedding bands are Comfort Fit bands for ultimate wearability.
  • Serinium® is hypoallergenic.
  • Serinium® is covered by a lifetime warranty and size exchange policy.

U.S. Patent No. 9,289,037

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About Jewelry Innovations

For over 25 years, Jewelry Innovations has been manufacturing and distributing fine jewelry to retail store customers in the United States and Canada. With special expertise in high technology contemporary metals and youthful, innovative designs, JI is the front wave of emerging trends in the jewelry industry, and is the sole licensee and distributor of Serinium® jewelry.