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United Together-Stronger Together

United Together – In America where we are stronger together when we are United Together. We all have a shared responsibility to bridge the differences that are becoming quite evident in the last several months. With many celebrities, and high profile personalities speaking out about becoming more united and less reactive with violent outcomes. It is clear that we all have the same hopes and dreams to live in a land without divisiveness between our law enforcement and our citizens. As in all relationships, whether in your family, your community or between nations, the question is how? The answer is not an easy one but showing your support and helping unite one another is good place to start. What are you doing to make a change?

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Jewelry is not immune to the shifting tides of social consciousness. Statement jewelry doesn’t need to be bold or flashy to be noticed and respected for its true meaning. Whatever you are saying with your jewelry whether it is a social stand or a fashion trend, the ability to show your passion to unite our communities and loved ones, will never cease. With the resurgence of social injustice these days, finding a way to create unity and appreciation for one another is in high demand. Serinium® jewelry not only offers a socially responsible, high fashion, high tech look and feel, but it is the safer and higher quality contemporary metal option available today. Just like a statement piece of clothing, the kind that stands out and says I am speaking from the heart, your jewelry can create the same effect and show that you share in the urgency to participate in social change in this time of conflict and divide.

Show your support with our United Together blue and black thin line Serinium® band. Remember, “We are only as strong as we are United, as weak as we are Divided”. J.K. Rowling.

United Together band sharing responsibility, sharing support.

Thin Blue Line

Serinium® ring characteristics:

  • Serinium ® is ultra-hard and will last a lifetime. Its brilliant white color will never tarnish, oxidize or yellow.
  • Serinium ® wedding bands are Comfort Fit bands for ultimate wearability, whether your activity is trail running, fishing, water sports, hunting, hiking, or winter outdoor activities.
  • Serinium ® is the next generation jewelry metal that moves beyond gold and platinum to new heights of beauty, durability and sustainability.
  • Serinium ® is hypoallergenic.
  • Serinium ® is covered by a lifetime warranty and size exchange policy.
  • Serinium ® is protected by U.S. Patent No. 9,289,037

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