Winter Jewelry Protection - tips and tricks by Serinium® Jewelry

Keeping Your Jewelry Protected in the Winter Months

We all know that we need to take good care of our jewelry, but harsh winter weather can create several hazards. Taking proper care to ensure your jewelry is protected from the elements can be challenging. Here are a few ideas to keep in mind this winter.

Cleaning Your Jewelry

You should maintain a monthly cleaning of your jewelry or more often if you wear it everyday. Gems can become hazy and dull and will need to be given careful attention to cleaning. Even the cold temperatures can cause your jewelry to need extra TLC. Simply use mild soap and water and a very soft toothbrush, making sure not to scrub with force, then rinse with water

Rings Falling Off the Finger

When it is bitter cold outside, your fingers can constrict and your rings will not fit as well. You may find that your rings slip off your finger very easily. The risk of losing your ring increases so you will want to take extra precautions to keep your ring on. Some options are to wear a ring guard or wear some type of layered ring that is tighter to hold it on your finger.

Wear Gloves

When you are outside in the cold for an extended time, you should protect your hands by wearing gloves. Keep in mind that the glove itself may cause damage to your ring if it is too tight or rubs on your ring. Use caution especially with the prongs to not tug or pull on them.


Heavier Clothing

Wearing many layers or heavier clothing can be damaging on your jewelry too. You don’t want to risk snagging your clothes and pulling out a stone. The heavier material may rub against your jewelry and possibly scratch your jewelry. Wait to put your jewelry on until after you are finished getting dressed and take off before undressing for the day.

When to Remove Jewelry

There are times that is just best to go without jewelry. When you are going to be participating in outdoor activities, it may be a good idea to leave the jewelry at home in a safe protected place. The risk of damaging a ring or your finger is too great.  Serinium® jewelry is strong and durable yet the safer option when it comes to emergency ring removal simply by applying pressure with house hold tools to crack it off.

Serinium® ring characteristics:

  • Serinium ® is ultra-hard and will last a lifetime. Its brilliant white color will never tarnish, oxidize or yellow.
  • Serinium ® wedding bands are Comfort Fit bands for ultimate wearability, whether your activity is trail running, fishing, water sports, hunting, hiking, or winter outdoor activities.
  • Serinium ® is the next generation jewelry metal that moves beyond gold and platinum to new heights of beauty, durability and sustainability.
  • Serinium ® is hypoallergenic.
  • Serinium ® is covered by a lifetime warranty and size exchange policy.
  • Serinium ® is protected by U.S. Patent No. 9,289,037

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